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Emirates ID

The Emirates ID is an identity card that must be carried by UAE citizens and, is needed to open bank accounts, to take out contracts for mobile phones, or tenancy agreements.
This service includes completing the documentation before the scheduled service, escorting the applicant to the Emirates ID center and assist with the biometrics process. We will be collecting the Emirates ID on the applicant’s behalf.

Application Fees

AED 750
Inclusive of home pick up &
VIP medical fee

Application Process

Step 1

Select the package required and submit application details.

Step 2

Meydan will internally process your application.

Step 3

Receive an update on your service.


To avail of this service from the client’s end, we require the submission of the following documents and information.

Passport copy

Entry visa with Change of Status / Entry stamp copy

Passport-sized photo


2 Business Days for processing, Delivery of Emirates ID may take 5 to 8 business days.

No. of days

2-8 business days

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