How to Become an Amazon Seller with Meydan Free Zone?

Harsh Drolia

Harsh Drolia

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Becoming an Amazon Seller in Dubai provides you with an effective way to reach a global audience and leverage Amazon’s infrastructure and services. Dubai’s trade hub status and the UAE’s growing e-commerce market create an ideal Amazon selling environment. With access to various programs and support, sellers can tap into diverse consumer segments and benefit from Dubai’s multiculturalism. 

Selling on Amazon refers to the eCommerce activity of buying and selling goods and services through web-based platforms. This includes integrating popular online marketplaces like Amazon, social media platforms, and shopping websites to facilitate commercial transactions.

Setting up an online store on Amazon is a viable option if you want to start an e-commerce business that sells handmade goods like jewelry, clothing, or home decor. Additionally, leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook can be effective for marketing and promoting these products to a wider audience.

Customers have the convenience of browsing and purchasing products online through various channels, including websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms. In addition, payment options are diverse, including credit cards, PayPal, and cash on delivery, catering to different customer preferences.

4791.02 Retail Sales of Any Kind of Product Over The Internet

To conduct a marketplace activity or start selling online, apply for a trade license for retail sale via mail order houses or via internet with business activity code 4791.02. 

With your license, you can engage in the retail sale of products through various channels, including mail order and the internet. Your customers can make purchase decisions by reviewing advertisements, catalogs, website information, models, or any other form of advertising that you provide. In addition, they have the convenience of placing their orders through mail, phone, or by utilizing the unique ordering mechanisms available on your e-commerce website. The products that customers purchase can be downloaded directly from the internet or delivered to their location. In addition to these methods, your business can also explore direct sales through television, radio, retail internet auctions, and other activities associated with internet and non-store auctions.

Third-Party Approvals

To become an Amazon seller, or to start selling on any marketplaces offered by Meydan Free Zone, you don’t require third-party approval.

Economic Substance Return

Your E-commerce business activities are not subject to specific regulatory requirements like Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) or Economic Substance Regulations (ESR).

According to the Dubai Economic Substance Regulations (ESR), companies conducting certain business activities in the UAE must maintain adequate economic substance within the country to comply with international standards and prevent unfair taxation. In addition, Dubai’s regulations require companies and entities to keep accurate records about their ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs), who truly own or control the company or entity. However, E-commerce business activities in Dubai are not subject to the regulations of the UBO or ESR.

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

AML regulations do not apply to e-commerce business activities in the UAE. Anti-Money Laundering regulations are designed to prevent illicit financial activities, such as money laundering and terrorist financing, by implementing measures to identify and mitigate risks within various sectors.

Engage in Various Business Models with Your Marketplace License

By obtaining an Amazon Seller or e-commerce license from Meydan Free Zone, you can engage in various business models within the online retail space. One option is creating and selling your goods on platforms like Amazon or other marketplaces. This allows you to show off and market your unique products to a wide audience.

Alternatively, you can purchase goods directly from factories, store them in warehouses, and sell them online with an e-commerce license. This model involves managing inventory and logistics, ensuring efficient storage and timely order fulfillment to meet customer demands. Another option for you is drop shipping, which eliminates the need to store inventory and allows you to sell directly from factories. 

What is Dropshipping?

Drop-shipping is a modern business model in which you can avoid stocking inventory. You can instead forward customer orders to the manufacturer, wholesaler, or another retailer, who will directly ship the products to the customers. It relieves you of inventory management, storage, and shipping logistics. There are several popular dropshipping platforms, including Dubailist, Doba, and AliExpress.

Dropshipping can be incorporated into your e-commerce business or Amazon Seller account by following these steps:

  1. Locate suppliers who offer dropshipping services for the products you wish to sell. Various online directories, wholesale marketplaces, or direct contact with manufacturers can help you locate such suppliers.
  2. Integrate your online store or e-commerce website with the dropshipping platform of your supplier. With this integration, orders will be processed smoothly, and shipment tracking will be more efficient.
  3. Create compelling product listings on your e-commerce website or online store. You can effectively market your products using social media, email campaigns, or search engine marketing.
  4. When a customer orders on your website, your supplier automatically receives the order details. The supplier then packages and ships the product directly to the customer.
  5. Once the order has been delivered, you will receive payment for the order after deducting the product’s cost and any applicable supplier fees.

For e-commerce, last-mile delivery is vital in ensuring timely and satisfactory delivery to customers. The final stage involves dispatching, routing, tracking, and delivery, typically handled by third-party logistics providers (3PLs) or transportation companies. There are a number of companies that can assist you in optimizing your last-mile delivery services, such as Fetchr, Aramex, Talabat, and Zajel.

Warehousing for Your Online Shop

The importance of organized and secure warehousing cannot be overstated for Amazon Sellers or any e-commerce business. A warehouse management system is crucial in maintaining efficient inventory management, including tracking stock levels, monitoring expiration dates, and rotating stocks. However, the ‘Grow from Dubai’ initiative by Meydan Free Zone goes beyond mere warehousing solutions.

‘Grow from Dubai’ offers a comprehensive integration of logistics, finance, regulatory, and marketplace infrastructures, coupled with a range of essential services, including company formation, instant bank accounts, visas, and residency, customs codes, import and export services, e-commerce facilitation, and digital payment gateways. Through our trusted ‘Grow from Dubai’ partners, you gain access to fulfillment centers and distribution networks via air, land, and sea while benefiting from a wide array of key resources and support for your business endeavors.

Get Your Import Code from Dubai Customs 

Businesses with an e-commerce license in Dubai need to apply for a Dubai Customs Code, also known as an import code, from the customs authority to import goods legally into the UAE and clear customs at the entry port. You can obtain this code by submitting the required documentation to the Dubai Customs Authority. Meydan Free Zone facilitates the process of getting the Dubai Customs Code for your businesses. We offer guidance and assistance in preparing the necessary documentation and submitting the application to the Dubai Customs Authority. This documentation typically includes copies of the company’s trade license, commercial invoice, e-commerce license (if applicable), and other relevant documents as required.

Benefits of Choosing an E-commerce License with Meydan Free Zone

Known for its highly diverse economy, Dubai stands out as a vibrant global marketplace. Within this dynamic landscape, Meydan Marketplace supports enterprises seeking to establish a robust online presence and create e-commerce shopfronts on leading marketplaces such as Amazon, Noon, Instagram, Carrefour, Etsy, and Walmart. 

After issuing your trade license, a comprehensive onboarding service is provided by Meydan Free Zone, helping you set up your online store on these marketplaces and ensuring appropriate payment options are available. Our payment gateways also enable you to accept payments through social media platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram, enhancing convenience for your customers.

Meydan Marketplace- Your One-Stop Online Business Solution

  • Marketplace Store Subscription
  • Product Catalog Setup & Listing
  • Capture Orders & Accept Payments
  • Dedicated Dashboard For Inventory & Tracking
  • Store SEO Services
  • Multichannel Retail Services
  • Sponsored Product Advertising
  • Mail Chat Support
  • Order Processing & Fulfilment

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