Unlock your potential with Meydan Academy

About Meydan Academy

Meydan Academy is an exclusive educational platform designed to enhance the professional experiences and solutions of our valued partners. We work alongside you to ensure confidence, proficiency, and ease in facilitating Meydan Free Zone licenses.

Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations to:

  • Develop channel partners’ knowledge of Meydan Free Zone.
  • Positively impact sales performance through innovative assessment tools and digital training materials.
  • Access valuable data insights and reports with ease, whether by the learner, group, department, or region.

How Meydan Academy benefits your business

Meydan Academy serves as a one-stop shop for digital learning, offering skill modules that support talent development throughout your organisation’s journey, from onboarding to upskilling and knowledge capital capture and sharing. Additionally, our Learning and Development team provides in-person classes to upskill individuals involved in a Meydan Free Zone incorporation.

Learning & Development

Meydan Academy’s Learning and Development modules are fully customizable to meet your business needs. Choose from a wide variety of over 200 modules or request in-depth training for yourself or your staff and earn certifications. Our modules are tailored to essential business pillars, including customer service, sales, communication, and government regulations.

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