How to start a Non-Specialized Wholesale Trading Business with Meydan Free Zone?

Dubai’s non-specialized wholesale market has grown significantly in recent years as a result of the city’s favorable business environment, strategic location, diversification away from oil, tax policies, and significant investments in infrastructure and tourism. Additionally, Dubai’s commitment to innovation and technology has also spurred growth in the non-specialized wholesale sector.

Home to a large and active business community, Dubai provides a wealth of opportunities for networking and collaboration with other businesses, suppliers, and distributors. With over 3500 business activities to choose from, there are no limits to how you can grow your business with Meydan Free Zone. Many companies have been set up in the non-specialized wholesale trading sector at the Meydan Free Zone. In this article, we will discuss some of the major business activities to consider when starting a non-specialized wholesale business in Dubai:

  • Why and how to start a non-specialized wholesale business in Meydan Free Zone?
  • What are the non-specialized wholesale trade activities in Meydan Free Zone?
  • What is a non-specialized wholesale trade in Meydan Free Zone?
  • Cost of starting a non-specialized wholesale business in Meydan Free Zone
  • Why work with Meydan Free Zone?

Why and how to start a non-specialized wholesale business in Meydan Free Zone?

Dubai serves as a hub for the distribution of goods throughout the Middle East and North Africa region. Its geostrategic position, modern infrastructure, logistics facilities, and high per capita income make it an ideal location for companies to base their non-specialized wholesale trade operations for serving regional markets. In addition, the city has a well-developed infrastructure, logistics capabilities, and free trade zones, which make it an attractive destination for non-specialized wholesale trade.

As a major international trade and commerce hub, Dubai can be a lucrative city for entrepreneurs looking to start a non-specialized wholesale trading business. The following are some of the key drivers of growth in the non-specialized wholesale market in Dubai:

1. Increasing Trade: Dubai serves as a hub for trade and commerce in the Middle East and North Africa region, which has increased the volume of goods passing through the city.

2. Diversification of the Economy: Dubai’s government has been actively promoting diversification of the city’s economy, which has resulted in the growth of industries such as tourism, financial services, and non-specialized wholesale trade.

3. Free Trade Zones: Dubai has several free trade zones, such as the award-winning Meydan Free Zone. These provide a favorable business environment and attract international companies to the city.

4. Growing E-Commerce: The growth of e-commerce has positively impacted the non-specialized wholesale market in Dubai, as it has increased the demand for goods and services and created new opportunities for non-specialized wholesalers.

5. Investment in Infrastructure: The Dubai government has invested heavily in infrastructure projects, including ports, airports, and transportation systems, which have facilitated the movement of goods and boosted the city’s competitiveness as a hub for trade.

All non-specialized wholesale companies trading in the UAE must adhere to specific regulations for business setup, license, company naming, business activities, and more. Here are the steps to get a non-specialized wholesale trade license in Dubai.

Steps to start a Non-Specialized Wholesale Trading Business in Dubai:

  • Apply for a license from Meydan Free Zone
  • Select your business activity and services
  • Choose a trading name
  • Choose a business location
  • Submit your non-specialized wholesale trade license application and documents
  • Open a corporate bank account and apply for a visa

The final step after obtaining your license is to open a business bank account so that you can receive and make payments – Meydan Pay provides you with banking solutions for businesses based in the Meydan Free zone. You can choose from a selection of local and international banks to open your business account; you need to start making and receiving payments. It will then be possible to file a visa application. Your visa may enable you to sponsor the visas of family and staff, depending on your license’s features. Contact Meydan Free Zone’s expert team to help you with this critical step.

What is a non-specialized wholesale trade in Meydan Free Zone?

Non-specialized wholesale trade in Dubai refers to the business activity of wholesaling (buying and selling) goods that are not specialized or restricted to specific product categories. It covers a broad range of products and commodities that are traded among wholesale businesses for resale to retail businesses or other suppliers. For example, this type of non-specialized wholesale trade in Dubai involves distributing different products, such as vehicle numbers trading, airline inflight products trading etc., to retailers or other wholesalers.


This activity includes wholesale of a variety of goods without any particular specialization.


This activity excludes the operation of terminal facilities, such as the following.

Activities related to water transport of passengers, animals or freight:

  • Operation of terminal facilities such as harbours and piers
  • Operation of waterway locks etc.
  • Navigation, pilotage and berthing activities
  • Lighterage, salvage activities
  • Lighthouse activities

Activities related to air transport of passengers, animals or freight:

  • Operation of terminal facilities such as airway terminals etc.
  • Airport and air traffic control activities
  • Ground service activities on airfields etc.
  • Firefighting and fire-prevention services at airports

Activities related to land transport of passengers, animals or freight:

  • Operation of terminal facilities such as railway stations, bus stations, stations for the handling of goods
  • Operation of railroad infrastructure
  • Operation of roads, bridges, tunnels, car parks or garages, bicycle parkings
  • Switching and shunting
  • Towing and road side assistance
  • Liquefaction of gas for transportation purposes

Meydan Free Zone offers over 3500 business activities to choose from and provides you with the flexibility to combine different activities on the same license. There is an activity to suit all business models. Choose from our wide range of business activities.

What are the non-specialized wholesale trade activities in Meydan Free Zone?

Group 469 in Dubai categorizes wholesale trade, which cannot be defined as specialized (i.e. selling a specific group of products), as “Non-specialistic wholesale trade”. The following are some of Dubai’s major non-specialized wholesale trade activities.

Major non-specialized wholesale trade activities in Meydan Free Zone

Activity: 4690.00/4690.01 Non-specialized wholesale trade

Nature of Activity: This activity includes the wholesale of various goods without a focus on specialization. It involves buying and selling goods that are not specific or restricted to particular product categories. The wholesale of goods without a specialization does not require approval from third parties.

Activity: 4690.87 General Trading Wholesalers

Nature of Activity: Includes businesses involved in the wholesale resale of goods and products to retailers to industrial, commercial, and professional clients; this activity is available specifically to firms engaged in wholesaling in warehouses and does not require additional approvals.

Activity: 4690.88 Fireworks Trading

Nature of Activity: Includes reselling materials and devices used to perform fireworks. Dubai’s Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) must approve this activity before it can be conducted.

Activity: 4690.89 Caps & Lids Trading

Nature of Activity: The activity involves reselling multiple kinds of caps and lids used for sealing up bottles and containers. This pertains to the bag, packaging material, and paper trading group and is not subject to additional approval.

Activity: 4690.90 Glass Bottles Trading

Nature of Activity: This includes buying and selling bottles made of glass used for storing liquids. This activity does not require external approvals.

Activity: 4690.91 Smelters & Furnaces Refractory Materials Trading

Nature of Activity: This includes the resale of non-metallic materials that are heat-resistant and are used to make linings for furnaces, kilns, incinerators and reactors. This activity does not require external approvals.

Activity: 4690.92 Airline Inflight Products Trading

Nature of Activity: It involves the resale of a variety of airline-specific products, such as food trolleys, blankets, towels, cushions, plastic and metal cutlery, dishes and cups, toys and children’s items, and paper products. If you wish to trade airline inflight products, you need pre-approval from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA).

Activity: 4690.93 Vehicles Numbers Trading

Nature of Activity: Involves reselling the specialized number plates of the private vehicles purchased at an auction conducted by the licensing authority. This activity requires external approval from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and can only be combined with other “RTA-Group A” and other activities not related to transport (with the consent of the relevant authorities).

Activity: 4690.94 Mobile Phones Numbers Trading

Nature of Activity: Includes reselling the distinguished numbers of mobile phones received through auctions conducted by the relevant authorities.

Activity: 4690.95 Dry Ice Trading

Nature of Activity: This involves the resale of dry ice, basically solid carbon dioxide, at subzero temperatures. It has a cooling capacity several times greater than ordinary ice and is used for food and beverage preservation, transport refrigeration, meat processing, equipment blast cleaning, cattle branding, fumigation, fog formation, etc.

Activity: 4690.96 Authentic Antiques, Artefacts & Artworks Trading

Nature of Activity: This activity includes businesses that deal in the trading of genuine antiques, artifacts and original artworks. They include paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, handicrafts, masterworks, and old antique cameras and accessories. In addition, it consists of promotional activities for these works—for example, advertising, public relations and events through licensed media outlets.

Activity: 4690.97 General Trading

Nature of Activity: Included are companies engaged in importing, trading, and re-exporting the allowed goods; activities requiring special approvals can also be conducted upon obtaining NOCs from the relevant departments.

Activity: 4690.98 Goods Wholesalers

Nature of Activity: Businesses offering wholesale goods and products to retailers and industrial, commercial, and professional users. This activity is only available to firms that wish to conduct wholesale business in offices or warehouses.

When you apply to start a non-Specialized wholesale trading business in Dubai, you will need to provide the following documents. At Meydan Free Zone, we provide support throughout the entire process of compiling and verifying these documents:

  • A completed application form which describes what your business does and what goods you will trade
  • Copies of your passport
  • A copy of your residence visa (if applicable)
  • Emirates ID copy (if applicable)

Cost of Starting a Non-Specialized Wholesale Business in Meydan Free Zone

Starting a non-specialized wholesale trading company in Dubai involves weighing several elements. For example, it is vital to consider visa costs, warehouse and office space rentals, stock, inventory, and more. In addition, special permits may be required depending on the location and visa applications. If you are looking for a professional consultation, contact Meydan Free Zone’s dedicated team or use our cost calculator to get an accurate quote.

Meydan Free Zone with the flexibility to customize your non-specialized wholesale trade company license to suit your business needs and grow or shrink it as needed. With the Pay-As-You-Go model at Meydan Free Zone, you can set up your non-specialized wholesale trade business and pay on your own terms.

The cost of a non-specialized wholesale trading license in Dubai varies based on the number of visas you request as part of your application. If no visas are required, your license application can cost as little as AED 12,500, up to AED 23,600 for six visa allocations. The figure includes the cost of your business license and associated fees.

You can choose all the other expenses according to your preferences. To illustrate, f the fee for visa applications (1 to 50) is AED 1850 per visa, whereas, for an investor or family visa valid for two years, you need to pay AED 4,000. An AED 3,500 fee is required for a residency or employment visa valid for two years. Obtaining medical and an Emirates ID card costs AED 2,250 and AED 2,000 for an establishment or immigration card. Furthermore, you will receive exclusive discounts when you use Meydan Free Zone’s Cost Calculator, which can save up to 15% on a multi-year setup. Get started now by using our business setup cost calculator, or connect with our team of business setup experts for assistance and conduct multiple business activities with a single license from Meydan Free Zone.

Why choose Meydan Free Zone?

Starting a business in Dubai, such as a non-specialized wholesale trading business, can be tricky regarding applying for a trade license, company structure, and visa regulations. You can, however, get your Dubai business up and running in no time when you partner with Meydan Free Zone.

We streamline the process at Meydan Free Zone to eliminate unforeseen delays or rejections. We can get started as soon as you provide us with basic documentation and information about your company and activities. You can then sit back and relax while our team handles everything else.

We will guide you with your non-specialized wholesale trading business license application, assist with third-party approvals and visa applications, coordinate with all relevant local institutions and authorities and notify you when you’re ready to trade. Simply put, weit’s make it easy for you. If you wish to begin non-specialized wholesale trade activity in Dubai, contact us via or 800FZ1

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