How to Start a Personal Sports Coaching Services Business with Meydan Free Zone?

Personal Sports Coaching is a diverse industry where anyone passionate about athletics can thrive. As more individuals seek a customizable and adaptable fitness experience, establishing a Personal Sport Coaching Services business in Dubai has become a favored option. Launching your business venture with Meydan Free Zone is an easy way to get started.

A Personal Sports Coaching Service in Dubai is a service that provides one-on-one sports coaching to individuals or groups who wish to improve their athletic abilities or achieve specific sporting goals. This service generally involves a qualified and experienced coach who works closely with the client to develop a personalized training program that targets their unique abilities. Additionally, it involves guiding and instructing customers on all the supplementary facets of health and wellness and providing advice on nutritional recommendations.

This activity involves instructing individuals or groups in athletic activities in camps and schools, or other environments. You can conduct day and overnight camps with your Personal Sports Coaching Services license from Meydan Free Zone. However, this activity does not include teaching sports within academic institutions — for example, schools, colleges, and universities.

You can provide Personal Sports Coaching Services at a variety of locations, including the client’s or organization’s facility, educational institution, or other locations. Coaching can be carried out in licensed facilities such as hotels, gyms, sports facilities, health clubs, swimming pools, and public areas deemed suitable. Also, you can coach and train clients in all complementary aspects of wellness and fitness. It is crucial to adhere to a formal structure when instructing this activity.

This category encompasses a wide range of activities, such as providing guidance and instruction in sports like baseball, basketball, cricket, and football, offering sports training programs and camps, coaching cheerleading and gymnastics, providing riding lessons, operating sports schools or academies, teaching swimming, instructing in martial arts, giving training by professional sports instructors, coaches or teachers, and offering instruction in card games such as bridge, and yoga classes.

The coaching service may take place in a facility, or the coach may offer home visits or online coaching sessions. Overall, the aim of personal sports coaching is to help clients achieve their fitness or athletic goals through personalized, targeted training and support.

8541.91 – Personal Sport Coaching Services

Apply for a business license under Sports and Recreation Education and choose the business activity Personal Sport Coaching Services with activity code 8541.91. 

Personal Sport Coaching Services in Dubai provide one-on-one coaching and training in various sports disciplines. It involves a personalized approach where a professional coach works closely with an individual athlete or sportsperson to enhance their skills, improve performance, and achieve specific goals. You can tailor these coaching services to meet each client’s unique needs and abilities. You can also assess the athlete’s current proficiency level, identify areas for improvement, and design a customized training program accordingly. Technical skills, tactical strategies, physical conditioning, mental preparation, and overall performance enhancement can be addressed by you. 


Your business license for Sports and Recreation Education includes providing athletic instruction to groups or individuals, including activities conducted in camps and schools. This license covers both overnight and day sports instruction camps. However, it does not permit the operation of academic schools, colleges, or universities.

You can provide instruction in various settings, such as training facilities owned by your business or clients, educational institutions, or alternative methods. However, it’s important to note that the instruction offered under this license must be formally organized and structured.

Furthermore, your Sports and Recreation Education business license allows for a wide range of sports instruction, including but not limited to baseball, basketball, cricket, football, and other sports. It also encompasses camps, cheerleading instruction, gymnastics instruction, riding instruction, academies or schools, swimming instruction, professional sports instructors, teachers, coaches, martial arts instruction, card game instruction (such as a bridge), and yoga instruction. These activities are within the scope of your license and can be provided with your business license from Meydan Free Zone.


Your Personal Sports Coaching Services license strictly prohibits engagement in cultural education activities. This means you cannot provide instruction in arts, drama, and music. Specifically, your license prohibits you from offering piano lessons or any other form of music instruction. Additionally, it excludes activities related to art training, dance instruction, the establishment of dance studios, and schools focused on drama, fine art, performing arts, or photography. Your license is intended solely for Sports and Recreation Education and does not encompass cultural education components.

Requirements for Fitness Professionals

In Dubai, fitness professionals aspiring to become Sports certified instructors and personal trainers must be registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). As a personal trainer in the UAE, you must register with the UAE REPs. The Dubai Sports Council has implemented this requirement to standardize the city’s fitness industry and prioritize gym members’ safety. In addition, this registration requirement allows you to conduct your business legally and grants you reputable recognition within the industry. Founded by CEO Naser Al Tamimi under the auspices of the Dubai Sports Council, REPs UAE aims to professionalize the local fitness industry.

REPs cover a wide range of fitness disciplines, encompassing group fitness, personal training, Pilates instruction (including Pilates Instructor Comprehensive), gym instruction, Aqua Fitness instruction, freestyle group fitness instruction, children’s fitness instruction, yoga instruction, and advanced exercise specialization.

By enrolling in the register, your qualifications and expertise as a fitness instructor will be acknowledged and validated, ensuring that you meet the agreed-upon UAE Fitness Occupational Standards within the health and fitness industry. 

Public Liability Insurance 

As a personal trainer in Dubai, it is essential to have Public Liability Insurance as it provides protection. An insurance policy like this can be used to file a claim if a client sues you. In addition, personal indemnity insurance is crucial for high-risk training activities like swimming instructors and gym trainers in Dubai because these professionals may be held liable for injuries or damages that occur during training sessions. An indemnity policy, also known as professional indemnity insurance, protects companies against financial claims made by their clients and other third parties for any of the following reasons: 

  • Unintentional breach of professional duty 
  • Professional negligence 
  • Errors and omissions 
  • Poor advice 
  • Libel and slander 
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights 
  • Loss of document 
  • Unintentional breach of contract 

If a swimming instructor fails to provide adequate supervision and a client drowns, the instructor could be liable for damages. A personal indemnity policy would cover legal fees and damages in such a situation. 

Personal indemnity insurance is strongly recommended for individuals in high-risk fields such as athletic training; however, it is not mandatory. The coverage and cost of personal indemnity insurance policies may vary, so practitioners should carefully review policy details before purchasing a policy.

Third-Party Approval – Prior to the issuance of your license

To conduct Personal Sport Coaching Services, you must obtain the Dubai Sports Council’s approval before obtaining your business license. This pre-approval ensures that the service provider adheres to the standards and regulations established by the Dubai Sports Council.


Performing Personal Sports Coaching does not involve any regulatory obligations like UBO or ESR.


Business activities related to Personal Sports Coaching are not subject to Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

In Dubai, AML regulations are enforced by the UAE Central Bank, the Ministry of Economy, and the Securities and Commodities Authority. To comply with AML regulations, you will need to conduct customer due diligence, maintain records of transactions, and report any suspicious activities to the relevant authorities. It is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest AML requirements and guidelines to avoid any legal or reputational risks for your business.

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