How to Start a Technical Testing and Analysis Business with Meydan Free Zone?

Technical testing and analysis is a broad field that encompasses a range of services related to evaluating the technical aspects of various products and systems. This can include everything from analyzing the performance of electronic devices to evaluating the safety of industrial equipment.

You can engage in the following business activity related to Technical testing and analysis when applying for your business license in Meydan Free Zone:

7120.00 – Technical testing and analysis       

Apply for a trade license under Architectural and Engineering Activities; Technical Testing, and Analysis with activity code 7120

With a Technical Testing, and Analysis license, you can conduct a wide range of physical, chemical, and other analytical tests on various materials and products, with a few exceptions. For instance, activities like acoustics and vibration testing, assessing the composition and purity of minerals, and evaluating food hygiene and veterinary testing are not included. Additionally, testing the physical characteristics and performance of materials, like strength, thickness, durability, and radioactivity, is also restricted.

Other exempted activities include qualification and reliability testing, testing the performance of complete machineries such as motors, automobiles, and electronic equipment, the radiographic testing of welds and joints, failure analysis, testing and measuring environmental indicators like air and water pollution, certification of products like consumer goods, motor vehicles, aircraft, pressurized containers, and nuclear plants, periodic road-safety testing of motor vehicles, testing using models or mock-ups of aircraft, ships, dams, and the operation of police laboratories.


This class excludes testing of animal specimens and medical laboratory testing.  For example, you cannot perform any operations related to animal health care and control activities for farm animals or pet animals.

For example, you cannot perform activities like diagnosing and treating illnesses, providing vaccinations, and performing surgeries on animals. Testing for the health and wellness of animals, such as blood tests or urinalysis, falls under the category of medical laboratory testing and is also excluded from this activity.

Additionally, you cannot test human specimens like blood, urine, and tissue samples to diagnose and treat illnesses or diseases. It does not fall under the class of activities that involves physical, chemical, and analytical testing of materials and products.

Third-Party Approvals:

There is no requirement for third-party approval for engaging in Technical Testing and Analysis.


A business engaged in Technical Testing and Analysis is not subject to regulatory obligations such as UBOs or ESRs.


You are not required to adhere to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations while conducting Technical Testing and Analysis.

Why apply for your Technical Testing and Analysis license with Meydan Free Zone?  

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