How to Start a Daycare in Dubai with Meydan Free Zone?

Starting a daycare in Dubai has good potential due to the city’s growing population and the demand for childcare services. Daycare, also known as child care or preschool, is a facility or program that cares for and supervises young children during the day. You can cater to children ranging from infants to preschool age, although some may also accommodate older children. When parents or guardians are at work or engaged in other activities, you can offer children a safe, nurturing environment. You can provide a variety of activities and educational programs for the child to promote their development. These activities include playtime, structured learning, socialization, and primary care needs like feeding and napping. 

8891.08 Child Day Care Activities, Including for Handicapped Children  

Apply for a business license under Child and Youth Service Activities and choose the business activity Child Day Care Activities, Including for Handicapped Children with activity code 8891.08.

Dubai’s variety of day care options often caters to different nationalities and cultures, so expats can find a daycare facility that fits their needs. Due to the expat-friendly environment, the demand and demand for child care services are expected to grow. Moreover, the government of Dubai focuses heavily on early childhood education and children’s development in general. Therefore, child daycare centers are crucial in providing a structured learning environment, promoting social skills, and preparing children for formal education. 

Considering these factors, the potential of child daycare in Dubai is promising, creating a host of opportunities for entrepreneurs and service providers. 


With your Child Day Care license under the Child and Youth Service Activities, you are permitted to partake in various welfare and guidance activities aimed at children and adolescents. Additionally, your license enables you to engage in adoption activities, contribute to preventing cruelty towards children, and undertake other related endeavors.

Third-Party Approval – Pre-License

The Community Development Authority (CDA) must approve daycare activities, including caring for handicapped children, before the issuance of your license from Meydan Free Zone. In addition to applying for a standard business license from Meydan Free Zone to operate a daycare facility, you must seek third-party approval from the CDA.

This external approval aims to ensure that your daycare facility meets the requirements and regulations set forth by the CDA for providing care to handicapped children. The conditions may include accessibility standards, staff training and qualifications, specialized equipment, safety protocols, and any other necessary guidelines to ensure the well-being and support of children with disabilities.

Your daycare facility must adhere to these additional requirements to ensure optimal care and support for all children, including those with disabilities, and to operate within the legal framework established by the Community Development Authority.  

ESR & UBO Regulations

Child Day Care Activities in Dubai are not subject to UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) or ESR (Economic Substance Regulations).  UBO refers to identifying and reporting individuals who ultimately own or control a business entity, whereas ESR refers to the Regulations on Economic Substance, which require businesses to demonstrate genuine economic activity and substance in the jurisdiction where they operate.

AML Regulations

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations do not apply to Child Day Care Activities in Dubai. Anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing regulations are in place to prevent and detect illegal money transfers. However, these regulations do not apply to Daycare Activities.

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