How To Start a Private Notary Public Services Firm in Dubai, UAE?

Private Notary Public Services are integral to the legal system, bridging trust in numerous transactions. Their role, although often behind the scenes, helps instill confidence in the legal processes and ensures that all parties are on the same genuine page.

Private Notary Public Services are not just any regular notary services. These are special services provided by entities and agencies that have received explicit court authorization. This authority gives them the power to perform notarial acts but often within a specific boundary, such as a certain geographic location or confined to particular document types or transactions.

6910.95 Private Notary Public Services

Apply for your business license under Legal Activities and choose the business activity with activity code 6910.95.

Your Private Notary Public Services license includes services provided by entities and agencies authorized by the court to perform notarial acts with limited jurisdiction. A notary public is an official appointed by the government as an impartial witness in various legal matters. They are responsible for verifying the authenticity of documents, contracts, and declarations, attesting to the parties’ signatures, and verifying the dates on these documents. 

 In the case of Private Notary Public Services, the entities and agencies offering these services have been granted the authority by the court to carry out notarial acts within a specific jurisdiction. This jurisdiction may be limited to a particular geographic area or a specific type of document or transaction type. 

 The primary function of Private Notary Public Services is to provide authentication and verification services. They ensure that the documents presented to them are genuine and accurately reflect the party’s intentions. By verifying the signatures and dates on these documents, they help establish the legal validity and enforceability of the agreements or declarations. 

 You can act as a trusted third party who confirms the authenticity of the documents, which is particularly important in sensitive transactions such as real estate transactions, wills, and powers of attorney. 

Third-Party Approval – Pre-License

Dubai Courts must approve your business license before you can offer Private Notary Public Services. This additional approval is a regulatory requirement imposed by the government to ensure compliance with the established legal framework and to maintain the integrity of notarial services. 

 In Dubai, like in many other jurisdictions, the government has specific regulations and requirements for operating as a notary public. These regulations aim to safeguard the interests of the people and ensure that qualified individuals or entities perform notarial acts in a reliable and trustworthy manner. 

 The requirement of obtaining approval from the Dubai Courts serves as a form of third-party validation. As part of the process, the courts assess an applicant’s qualifications, competence, and suitability to provide notarial services. This ensures that the individual or entity seeking to offer Private Notary Public Services meets the necessary criteria and can fulfill the role’s responsibilities. 

ESR & UBO Regulations

Legal Activity, 6910.95 in Dubai, is not subject to UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) or ESR (Economic Substance Regulations). UBO refers to identifying and reporting individuals who ultimately own or control a business entity, whereas ESR refers to the Regulations on Economic Substance, which require businesses to demonstrate genuine economic activity and substance in the jurisdiction where they operate.

AML Regulations

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations do not apply to Activity 6910.95 in Dubai. Anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing regulations are in place to prevent and detect illegal money transfers. However, these regulations do not apply to Law consultancy firms.

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