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Book Keeping

Bookkeeping services involve recording and tracking financial transactions, maintaining accurate financial records, preparing financial statements, and providing financial reports to business owners or management. Its aim is to ensure accurate financial tracking for decision-making, tax compliance, and financial reporting.

This service includes:

1. Accounting Entries
2. Regular updates (real time Bookkeeping)
3. Profit & Loss Statement, Balance – Sheet Statement
4. Bank Reconciliation
5. Cash Book Reconciliation
6. TALLY Accounting Software (optional)

Application Fees

AED 1000 Basic
(up to 100 transaction/month)

Application Fees

AED 1500 Basic Plus
(up to 200 transaction/month)

Application Process

Step 1

Submit payment and request to avail this service.

Step 2

Meydan will internally process your application.

Step 3

Receive an update on your service.


From the client’s end to avail the service of Book Keeping we need the submission of the following documents and information.

Valid Trade License


The usual time taken to deliver Book Keeping service after receiving the request and payment is 4 business days.

No. of days

4 business days

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