Building Cleaning License Dubai, UAE: Step-By-Step

Akshay Vinayak

Akshay Vinayak

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Among Dubai’s many attractions are its buildings. A diverse group of businesses and residents occupy these prestigious buildings. Regardless of their shape, size, or color, these buildings all share one everyday necessity, they all require cleaning. With new constructions breaking ground seemingly every day, the demand for building cleaning services is unlikely to slow down any time soon.

If you are considering starting a business in the UAE, starting a Building Cleaning Company in Dubai would be a promising idea. Despite its high demand, it is economically viable to operate and requires little up-front capital. It is a great business to get into because it can grow even from a one-person operation to a multi-million-strong chain.

What’s more, when you start a UAE building cleaning business with the help of Meydan Free Zone, you can be up and running in no time. Our team are experts in business setup in Dubai and can help you with licensing visas and much more.


Different Types of Cleaning Services in Dubai

Dubai’s cleaning services typically include residential, commercial, and industrial cleaning and are further subdivided into individual special activities. Your cleaning company license in Dubai will depend on what type of cleaning services your business offers.

Different types of cleaning services in Dubai

You can include sub-business activities in your cleaning services license in Dubai. These activities are as follows:

  • Streets Cleaning Services License
  • Sea & Shore Cleaning Services License
  • Building Cleaning Services License
  • Advertising Signboards Cleaning Services License
  • Runways & Roads Cleaning Services License
  • Yacht Cleaning Services License
  • Car Cleaning License

Steps To Get A Building Cleaning License

Let’s get straight to the point – what is the process for starting a cleaning company in the UAE?

Steps To Get A Building Cleaning License

    • Research And Analyze The Market
    • Decide What Type Of Company You Want
    • Get Trade Name Approval
    • Build Your Cleaning License Application
    • Rent An Appropriate Location
    • Complete The Documentation And Acquire A License
    • Set Up A Bank Account

Research And Analyze The Market

Understanding your target market will help you identify your rivals, evaluate potential clients, and determine what services you can offer them. Make sure your cleaning company has a solid business strategy since it will help it grow and succeed.

Decide What Type Of Company You Want

In this step, you must clearly outline your planned business activities. There are several types of cleaning services that you may offer in Dubai. These include industrial cleaning, commercial cleaning, and residential cleaning.

Your license application must clearly state all services you offer, no matter how few or many.

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Get Trade Name Approval

The UAE has a set of naming parameters you’ll need to stick to. It is mandatory to submit 3 trade name options. One of these three will be approved by the government. Avoid using abbreviations and controversial words in the trade name for a hassle-free registration procedure. Essentially, you should avoid blasphemous and offensive language and the names of well-known organizations. There are a few more rules too, which we will cover in your initial consultation.

Build Your Cleaning License Application

Next, we will help you make your building cleaning license application. You can do this at Meydan Free Zone.

When making your application, you will need to submit an application form containing details about your business and its shareholders and proof of address and identification.


If you intend to operate your business from the UAE, you will also require a visa. As part of this process, you’ll need to undergo a fitness, blood, and chest x-ray. You can also sponsor the access of others, such as dependent children and parents, your spouse, and any domestic staff.

Once you get the initial approval from the government of UAE to start your cleaning services company, you should connect with a local ser vice agent and sign the LSA agreement. You can then draft and sign the MoA.


Rent An Appropriate Location

Locate your company in an area that is highly active and visible to the public. Consider setting up your cleaning business in a commercial area with corporate buildings, offices, or suburbs. There is always a need for frequent cleaning in these places.

Once you have chosen your location, get the tenancy contract and your unique Ejari number for future reference.

Complete The Documentation And Acquire A License

Having completed all the above, you must complete your documentation and get all the required approvals from the Dubai Municipality and DET, formerly DED. In addition to that, acquire necessary permissions and valid visas. After you have got all the approvals from the concerned legal authorities, pay the required fee and get your business license.

Set Up A Bank Account

Finally, if you are getting paid in the UAE, you’ll need a UAE bank account. Meydan Free Zone can help with this step, too, advising on the right bank for your circumstances.


How to Register your Cleaning Company in Dubai Municipality

Dubai municipality offers a straightforward registration process for cleaning companies. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Register yourself as a customer on Dubai Municipality’s official website. After successfully creating the account, log in with the same credentials.
  2. Once you have logged in, click on the Company Registration’ tab, where the registration page will appear.
  3. Fill in all the mandatory fields of the form. Don’t forget to tick the ‘Security’ check box at the button on your screen.
  4. Double-check all the information you have provided and click on ‘Register’.
  5. Once your registration is processed successfully, you will get an email confirmation from the Dubai municipality.
  6. You must have the company’s logo files, trading license, etc., ready to upload.

Cost Of A Building Cleaning License

The cost of business setup in Dubai can be challenging to gauge. Many factors are at play, from the size of your operation to the type of services you intend to offer. Then there is your chosen location.

The cost of licenses and premises can differ significantly depending on whether you set up in the mainland or a free zone. However, in almost all cases, a free zone setup is the more affordable option.

Many free zones, including Meydan Free Zone, offer license packages inclusive of visa costs. We also provide a smooth registration process with access to priority government relations assistance, onboard support services, and tailored packages designed to address your individual business needs.


Take Your Business To New Heights At Meydan Free Zone

Award-winning Meydan Free Zone is one of the most prestigious business addresses in the region. Our mission at Meydan Free Zone is to assist companies in establishing themselves and growing into profitable businesses. Located in The Meydan Hotel, the Free Zone is 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport and has convenient access to Downtown Dubai and Sheikh Zayed Road.

Benefits of setting up a company at meydan

We offer our businesses a host of innovative investment and lifestyle benefits in a secure, regulated environment that empowers productivity. And we can help you join them too.

Our expert team can assist the entire company formation journey, from registering your company name to managing your license and visa applications.

To find out more, visit our website, or get in touch with us via or 800FZ1.

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