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Nurturing the next generation: British Orchard Nursery


Formed in 2007, British Orchard Nursery is now one of the leading providers of childcare and early education in the UAE and the UK. The company has over 30 locations in both countries, offering easy accessibility to excellent childcare for the nations’ families.

British Orchard Nursery has been recognised with over 30 national and international quality awards, making it the most awarded nursery chain in the GCC region.

The nursery follows the British Early Years Foundation Stages curriculum focusing on seven core areas of age-appropriate learning. Unlike many other preschool providers in the region, the British Orchard Nursery incorporates multiple languages into its teaching, such as Mandarin, English, Arabic and French. It also offers many extra-curricular activities, including football, music, skateboarding and yoga.

British Orchard Nursery is also the first preschool in Dubai to adopt child-initiated project-based learning. This approach allows children to pursue their likes, passions and interests while learning vital skills.

The British Orchard Nursery’s spacious facility features roleplay and waterplay rooms, a sensory room, gym, library, playground and road track. It is open to children aged from 45 days to five years. To ensure a close eye is kept on the progress of every child, the nursery works in close partnership with parents, running more than 50 parent, children and teacher events every year.

As well as its extensive nursery services, the company provides early years teacher training through its British Orchard Centre arm. The course uses a blend of respected learning models and tutor-led workshops to help develop the preschool teachers of tomorrow. After successfully completing the early years course, learners are offered volunteer placement hours at a British Orchard Nursery.

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