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An air conditioning revolution: Daikin Middle East and Africa

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The company we now know as Daikin was founded in 1920s Japan by Akira Yamada. In 1936, its Mifujirator machine was installed as the first air conditioner on Japanese trains. Many more firsts would follow over the subsequent decades.

Daikin was the first company to mass produce packed air conditioners, the first to develop a rotary compressor and the first to invent and produce a packaged type heat pump, in 1958.

In 1973, the company entered the European market, and in 2006, it launched in the Middle East. Today, the Europe, Middle East and Africa market accounts for around 18% of its business. This is alongside 29% in North and Latin America, 21% in Japan, 15% in China, and around 16% in the rest of Asia and Oceania.

Daikin is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions for the residential, commercial and industrial markets.

The company leads the way in innovation across its industry and beyond. Daikin’s Variable Refrigerant Volume solution is the world’s first multi-split air conditioner for commercial buildings, while its next-generation Bluevolution product range delivers unmatched energy efficiency and low environmental impact.

Still fuelled by its mission to create comfortable and sustainable interior environments for all the people and regions of the world, Daikin is now operational in more than 170 countries with 86,000 employees globally.

The company’s regional division, Daikin MEA, operates in 64 countries in the Middle East and Africa. It employs over 600 staff in two sales offices in Nigeria and Morocco, two factories in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and four warehouses across the region.

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