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The UAE’s leading producer: Emirates Modern Poultry Co (Emirates Rawabi)

Poultry Farm

Emirates Modern Poultry serves the UAE market with diverse meat products, from burgers and mortadella to chicken franks and pieces. The company sells its products under two brand names – Al Rawdah for fresh poultry products, and Al Salwa for frozen goods.

In 2000, Emirates Modern Poultry merged with Al Rawabi Dairy to form Emirates Rawabi. The company is now the leading poultry producer in the UAE, employing over 1,200 staff, and with plant and farmland covering more than 460 hectares.

Emirates Rawabi owns many of the country’s best-known brands offering all manner of fruit juices and dairy products. The company also sells various milk and dairy products under the Al Rawabi brand, including full-fat, low-fat, skimmed, and full-cream milk, and a range of plain and fruit yoghurts. Another of the company’s brands, Green Fields, sells a variety of animal feed products.

Emirates Rawabi is co-owned by high-profile investors, including the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development, Gulf Investment Corporation, Investment Corporation of Dubai and Emirates Industrial Bank.

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