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Serving the region’s expatriates: Al Adil Trading

Al Adil Trading Co was inspired by the spice traders of old who embarked on journeys from India’s shores to the markets of the Gulf, USA, Canada and Europe. However, its journey would not begin until 1984 when Dhanajay Datar joined his father in the UAE to open the company’s first shop in a back alley of Bur Dubai.

As Dubai began modernising, its growing expatriate community drove the demand for Indian spices, condiments, pulses, and other food items. The enterprising Datars seized the opportunity without hesitation.

Before long, the company’s reputation for the finest ingredients stretched beyond the UAE to Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and even India. The single store in Dubai was quickly joined by two more in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah as Al Adil Trading’s product list expanded rapidly. By now, the company was offering masalas, rice and flour, oils and ghee, pickles and chutneys, tea and coffee, canned and instant foods, Ayurveda herbs, cosmetics, dry fruits, mouth fresheners and confectionery items alongside its wide range of spices and condiments.

Today, Al Adil Trading is renowned among the South Asian communities of the UAE and beyond. With 34 outlets across the GCC and India, the company has mastered the art of sourcing the right products and delivering them to customers wherever they are. Underlining this quest to give customers exactly what they want is the company’s ever-increasing product portfolio, which now includes over 4,500 items sourced from their countries of origin.

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