Computer Trading License Dubai: 2023 Guide

Hamed Ahli

Hamed Ahli

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Almost everyone uses a computer, but most of us lack the technical know-how to fix a hardware or software problem. This makes computer repair and maintenance services a viable business choice for those with a solid technical background and an in-depth knowledge of computers, peripherals, and software.

Most of the time, these businesses troubleshoot and fix computer problems, but they can also set up and maintain networks, make house calls, and sell computers and computer parts.

Before you start your computer trading company in Dubai, here’s what you should know. By the end of this post, you will have all the information you need to get your business up and operational in Meydan Free Zone.

Benefits of Starting a Computer Trading or Repair Business

With so many people depending on computers, this is an exciting and rewarding field to enter.

  • Select your business activity1. Low setup cost:
    It is preferable if you are an IT expert or have computer repairs and maintenance knowledge. The initial expenses of setting up a business should be low as you probably already have most of the supplies you will need.
  • Choose a trade name for your business2. Large target market:
    You may reach a far broader audience than just computer owners. Many small and home-based enterprises do not have in-house IT teams and depend on contracts with outside providers.


  • Choose your business location3. Regular employment:
    It is possible to build a steady stream of jobs for your company by working with small firms willing to contract with you. Doing well for them increases your chances of being hired again and having them refer you to friends and family.
  • Complete your application and pay fees4. Work flexibility:
    You can decide how much or how little work you want to do each week. Your company may either be a side gig or full-time employment if you have built up a big enough clientele.

How to Run a Successful Computer Trading or Repair Business

Like any other business, a computer repair company takes planning and study to succeed. Before launching your business, here are some things to keep in mind.

Build Up Your Savings

Before dealing with your first client, it is critical to building up your finances when beginning a computer repair company. Expenses like this might include:

  • Buying your equipment and tools
  • Renting a storefront space
  • Incorporating your company
  • Obtaining training, professional certificates, and business licenses
  • Various forms of advertising material, including but not limited to business cards, pamphlets, and internet adverts

In addition to these initial expenses, it is prudent to have an emergency fund. This fund allows you some leeway when you fall short of your billable work targets by using it to pay some of the costs you incur.

Create a Business Plan

A well-thought-out business plan is essential to the success of any small business. A business plan should contain ideas for starting your company and future strategies for growing and adapting. As you develop your business strategy, consider the following key questions.

  • Services offered:  The world of information technology and computer repair is vast. Your business strategy should provide a shortlist of services your company will offer. Data recovery, virus removal, security updates, and system upgrades are among the most common services.
  • Target customer:Choosing whether your target customers are individuals, businesses, or both will help determine how your computer repair business can meet their needs. Your business plan should describe your ideal customers and a strategy for attracting them.
  • Competitors: In your business plan, you should thoroughly analyze your competitors. Recognize their advantages and disadvantages, as well as any opportunities in the market that you may be able to exploit. Note their marketing techniques and how they may hinder your business.
  • Five-year goal setting: Goal-setting for the next five years demonstrates your dedication to your startup. It compels you to consider the long-term expenses and build a long-term strategy for a profitable business.
  • Staffing: Hiring staff might free up some of your time to grow your company. Business plans should include information on when and how you intend to hire and what kind of workers your company will require if you expect to recruit employees ultimately.



Market your business

Initiating word-of-mouth publicity for your new company may be a good start, but if you want to attract clients, you need a well-thought-out marketing plan.

Your priority should be making a website for your computer repair business. Utilize the website to provide details about what you do, with whom you collaborate, and how to reach you. Your website should be both professional and mobile-friendly.

SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) strategies can optimize your content and keywords to help you rank better on Google. This will help people find you when they search for phrases like “freelance computer technician” or “computer repair company.”

In addition to this, you can also:

  • Conduct email marketing
  • Join a business networking group
  • Meet your target customers at a networking event
  • Use social media to promote posts and ads

Steps to get your computer trading license from Meydan Free Zone

Getting a license in the Meydan Free Zone is a simple process. To apply for a free zone, you must complete the formalities on our website, which are as follows.

  • You must submit your completed Know Your Customer (KYC) form with your application.
  • Wait for the necessary government and security permissions, which typically come through within 24 to 48 hours.
  • You receive your license.

Documents and costs of getting a computer trading license

Whether you submit your application on your own or via a company formation agency, you have to provide a few facts and essential paperwork, such as:

  • Application form with the company name in English and Arabic
  • Original leasing contract for registered office
  • Permission from Dubai Municipality’s Building Department to use the office as a business address
  • DED’s letter of approval for the company name
  • Proof of payment for a trade license
  • Passport-sized color pictures of the applicant

The cost of starting a computer repair and maintenance business depends on multiple factors. The cost of a business license from Meydan Free Zone starts at AED 12,500. You will also need to include the cost of the premises, equipment, and any other permits or licenses you may need.

To get an exact price quote, contact Meydan Free Zone. We can give you an up-to-date price tailored to your unique requirements.


Why start a small company in Meydan Free Zone 

Meydan Free Zone provides several benefits for business owners, such as no personal or corporate tax, complete foreign ownership, and full repatriation benefits on profits and financial assets. Further, having offices in the urban-style Meydan Hotel gives you a high-end status and can help get top-of-the-line clients.

Additional services, such as our e-commerce support service, Meydan Commerce, and our Easy Payment Plans, enable you to stretch out the setup cost over a period of months and are also available to help your business develop and thrive.

At Meydan Free Zone, we believe in promoting an environment where businesses flourish and leaders emerge from the ranks of innovators and entrepreneurs. Our consultants will support you with all aspects of your business setup in Dubai, so you can focus on finding clients and growing your business.

To find out more, visit our website, or get in touch with us via or 800FZ1.

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