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Dependent Visa

If you are a resident of Dubai holding an Investor/Partner or Employee visa, you are eligible to apply for a Dependent Visa on behalf of your spouse and children. This will allow your family to join you in living and working in the UAE. At Meydan Free Zone, we take care of your dependent visa needs from A – Z, from the application to the issuance and everything in between.

  • Investors must deposit AED 3000 per Dependent
  • Employees may apply without a deposit

Application Fees

AED 6000

Application Process

Step 1

Submit payment and application for the service.

Step 2

Receive Entry Visa and Medical Result and EID registration form

Step 3

Receive an update on your service.

Attachments from Sponsor

  • Latest 3 months Bank Statement (If sponsor is investor/partner)
  • Salary certificate from Meydan Free Zone (If sponsor is an employee or an investor/partner who is also the manager in the license)
  • UAE PASS or original Emirates ID
  • Notarized NOC from the father (For wives sponsoring children and if the father is inside the country)

Attachments from Dependent

If Dependent is a Spouse

  1. Attested Marriage certificate copy (must be in English or in Arabic legal translation)
  2. Colored Passport copy w/ signature page
  3. Passport size photo


If Dependent is a Child (Read Important Notes

  1. Attested birth certificate copy of child (must be in English or in Arabic legal translation)
  2. Attested Marriage Certificate copy of parents (must be in English or in Arabic legal translation)
  3. Colored Passport copy w/ signature page
  4. Passport size photo

Note: If the dependent is inside the country, entry permit/visa or visa cancellation is required.


If Dependent is a Child​

  1. Sponsoring sons​: A male or female resident can sponsor his/her son/s until he is 25. Sons of determination (those with special needs) can be sponsored with no restrictions with regard to his/ their age/s.
  2. Sponsoring daughters: ​An expatriate resident can sponsor his daughter/s only if she/they is/are unmarried, with no restrictions with regard to her/their age/s.​
  3. Sponsoring newborns​: For babies born in the UAE, a residence visa must be applied for, within 120 days of its birth to avoid getting fined.

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