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Amal Khadiri

Amal Khadiri

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Retail, whether traditional or online, is something that Dubai embraces and incentivises. Therefore, it is no surprise that the UAE’s eCommerce market size, anticipated to be worth $ 17 billion by 2025, is still in ascendance and we can expect exponential growth for the foreseeable future.

The GCC’s eCommerce market has been transforming the dynamics of consumer behaviour and business models, and has been dedicated to developing and extending the region’s online retail sector since its inception. Providing entrepreneurs with a quick and easy way to get their products in front of a huge number of potential clients, has also been leveraging its region’s growing need for convenient online shopping.

There are a few requirements you should be aware of if you want to sell products on Noon in the United Arab Emirates. This blog will cover:

Benefits Of Selling On Noon

One of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the UAE, has millions of shoppers accessing the site every day. This means that setting up an eCommerce business in Dubai and selling on this site is a lucrative business opportunity.

The following are some of the benefits of selling on, whether you’re an eCommerce startup, a drop seller, or someone with a bricks-and-mortar store that would like to start selling online:

Reach Millions Of Customers:

Marketing in an entirely new market is a challenge and provides you with valuable exposure in the new market. Aside from being featured in the relevant category on the website with your product, your company gains online momentum by being in the side and bottom bars that display similar products. Reaching out to potential customers in this manner is preferable to spending money on aggressive and ineffective marketing methods such as pop-up advertising, and you will receive this effective publicity and coverage for a fraction of the cost of standalone promotions.

Gain Customer Trust:

The first thing an online store needs in a new market is a good reputation and the trust of its customers. Customers are wary of new initiatives and sellers, preferring to stick with long-term merchants. If you don’t want to spend your time attempting to build a reputation while working on one-time orders, is the place to start your eCommerce business.

Grow Your Brand:

Adding a new country to your market is no easy undertaking, from purchasing offices and warehouses to employing local workers and dispatching managers and supervisors to the region. Meydan FZ can help you settle into the UAE, while allows you to develop your eCommerce business by utilising its warehouses and vast operational setup.

If you use Fulfilled by Noon, you won’t have to pay expensive depot fees in Emirates. It operates similarly to FBA in that you give your products to Noon and it handles the rest—from packing to shipping.

Obtain An Online Presence:

Noon Marketplace provides online businesses with the ability to gain significant exposure to potential customers in a highly effective manner.

When it comes to increasing brand awareness, the eCommerce platform has a domino effect. Being exposed on Noon can help businesses gain more digital foot traffic to their websites/eCommerce platforms, and the much-needed trust factor opens the door to increased client acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Minimal Costs:

Noon charges a minimal sales commission on any items purchased through their website. Depending on the product, this can range from 4% to 27%. Home appliances are subject to a 4% sales fee, while clothes and footwear are subject to a 27% commission.

If you use Noon’s services and facilities, there may be additional expenses. Shipping and handling are calculated as a proportion of the overall sale price, which is often approximately 10%. A monthly storage cost of AED 0.2 to AED 5 is also charged, depending on the products.

Reach New Markets: made its debut in the UAE and Saudi Arabia in Dec. 2017 with a $1 billion investment by Emaar Properties, ushering in the era of digitization. In Feb. 2019, Noon was catering to Egypt, hosting over 20 million products in its own massive warehouse, and after collaborating with eBay, it now brings global products to MENA.

Noon has partnered with small and medium local businesses, dealers, and suppliers for years, so it would be an understatement to suggest that Noon serves as a springboard for many new regional brands.

Great Support:

Selling and expanding through Noon has advantages for any small and medium-sized internet business. The e-commerce platform has made sure that the platform is easy to use, so anyone can become a vendor on Noon within 48 hours.

Similarly, the payment process is rather simple. You may expect to get your revenue every week, with no delays or deferred payments. With such easy sailing on Noon, you don’t need to hire a single person to handle problems at the end of Noon – you can easily incorporate that into your multitasking.

Steps To Get Started Selling On Noon

In order to start selling on, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Registration

    The first step is to have a valid trading licence and to be a registered company in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Those who already hold a licence must create an account on, submit copies of all relevant paperwork, and pay a nominal fee known as a Noon seller fee.

    Once you have completed the documentation process, you must wait a week for the Noon seller support team to examine and validate the information you provided and assist you with any Noon seller training that is required.

  2. Payments

    You will need to provide legitimate bank account information, such as IBAN and SWIFT numbers, as well as the below details on a signed and stamped company letterhead:

    • The company’s legal name
    • Bank branch
    • Store currency (once chosen, it wouldn’t be possible to change it in the future)


    • A Cancelled Cheque (It must have IBAN number and account number, if not, then Noon bank form must be provided signed and stamped Noon Bank form).
    • In order to sell products related to Health & Beauty, proof of purchase/invoice, distribution authorization letter, or a manufacturer permit/certificate is required
  3. Fulfilment

    Following account activation, you can select one of the fulfilment options provided by the platform, or you can use both methods as long as your inventory is managed separately for each option.

    Noon B2B Fulfilment

    You are responsible for the handling and maintenance of your products. You have complete control over your products’ pricing, processing, and quality.

    Noon FBN (Fulfilled By Noon)

    You allow the marketplace to hold your products in their own fulfilment centres, handle and maintain them, and deliver to clients directly from there.




The Documents Required To Sell On

A valid UAE trading licence or commercial registration is the first and most significant document necessary to sell on You can obtain a UAE eCommerce licence through the Department of Economic Development or a free zone.

Once you have obtained your eCommerce license in Dubai, you can submit it to the Noon seller portal along with other required documents, including your passport or residence ID and a VAT certificate or a VAT non-enrolment form (if you are not VAT registered), and your store will be validated within a week.

How To Open A Noon Seller Account

To sell on Noon, you must be a firm registered in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, or Egypt. First, you need to create a Noon customer account, then you will need to set up your seller store.

To Create a seller account: Visit Noon Seller Lab

Following that, you must provide copies of the following documents for approval:

  • Trading license or commercial registration
  • Passport or residence ID (both sides)
  • Residence visa for non-nationals
  • VAT certificate (selling on Noon is also open for non-VAT registered sellers)

It takes one week for your Noon store to be approved once copies of your documents have been received and approved.

What Kind Of Products Can You Sell On Noon?

Noon is a business-to-consumer (B2C) marketplace that sells to customers in the UAE. It provides entrepreneurs with a fast and accessible way to get their items in front of a huge number of potential clients.

You can sell at Noon if your company is in one or more of the following industries:

  • Textiles
  • Technology
  • Food and Drink
  • Sports
  • Electronics
  • Health and Beauty
  • Subscriptions

Why Meydan Free Zone?

Creating your own eCommerce business that sells its products on Noon has never been easier. Free Zones are the best location for distribution centres of major eCommerce platforms due to the extraterritoriality principle that regulates free-trade zones, allowing for faster delivery of their items without incurring additional costs connected to import tariffs.

Meydan Free Zone, which is dedicated to making the aspirations of aspiring businesses a reality, is located 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport and offers easy access to Downtown Dubai and Sheikh Zayed Road.

The premium company address will help you acquire top-tier clients. As a member of the Meydan Free Zone family, you will also have access to a fully equipped Business Centre and monthly networking events. Our Business Centre provides a world-class professional environment as well as an ambience that stimulates performance while maintaining privacy.

Speak to the consultants at Meydan Free Zone, if you would like guidance on how to start selling at Noon when you are setting up an eCommerce business in the UAE.

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