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How to Start a Cargo Loading & Unloading Services Business in Dubai

Alexis Bobeckyj

Did you know that over 600 cargo loading and unloading service businesses are in Dubai? With its strategic location at the crossroads of global trade, Dubai is a world-class place to start a cargo loading and unloading service business. The Dubai government has invested heavily in infrastructure and support services at its airports and seaports to facilitate the logistics sector, and the country has also developed a reputation as a leading re-exporter.

If you have an in-depth knowledge of the global cargo business or have expertise in cargo loading and unloading, there are few better places on earth to start your company than Dubai.

In this blog, we will explore how to start a cargo loading and unloading services business in Dubai. We will cover the following:

So, let’s see how to start your Dubai cargo loading and unloading services company.

Benefits of starting a cargo business in Dubai, UAE

With hundreds of cargo loading and unloading service businesses in Dubai, it is clear that the emirate is a highly strategic place for companies operating in this sector. So, what makes Dubai such an attractive place for cargo loading and unloading service businesses?

Extensive infrastructure

The Dubai government has invested heavily in creating air and sea infrastructure to support the logistics industry and to make the UAE a world leader in shipping. Your business can therefore benefit from this infrastructure and the facilities provided by the authorities.

Surrounding business networks and community

Because the cargo loading and unloading sector is so vital to Dubai’s economy, a wide range of support businesses have grown around the industry to help companies in the sector with everything from planning to accounting to legal and marketing – and much more. You will find all the support services you need to start your cargo loading and unloading business in Dubai.

Low or no tax

Dubai is a very business-friendly location, with very low taxes for cargo businesses that base themselves in the emirate. What is more, if you start your cargo business in a Dubai free zone such as Meydan Free Zone, you will pay 0% tax on income, retain 100% foreign ownership of your business, and you can withdraw your funds whenever you choose.


Steps to Start a Cargo Loading and Unloading Business in Dubai, UAE

Before launching your Dubai cargo loading and unloading business, you must apply for a business license to get set up. The following six steps outline the process involved.

  • 1. Select your business activity
    The first step to launching a cargo business in Dubai is to select the most appropriate business activity for your firm. There are a few different licenses you could choose to apply for, including Cargo Packaging, Cargo Loading & Unloading Services, Sea Cargo Services, Air Cargo Services, or Shipping Containers Loading & Unloading Services – among others. At Meydan Free Zone, our business setup experts can advise you on the most appropriate license for your cargo company idea.
  • 2. Choose a trade name for your Dubai cargo business
    You will need to choose a trading name that complies with certain rules in Dubai. Your cargo company’s name must describe what your company does and should avoid offensive or blasphemous language. Also, it cannot use the initials of your name. For example, Alexis Adamos Cargo Loading would be fine, but AA Cargo Loading would not be permitted.
  • 3. Choose the location of your cargo loading and unloading firm
    Selecting a business location is vital in launching your Dubai cargo company. Many cargo businesses choose to launch from the Meydan Free Zone thanks to its 0% tax rate and 100% foreign ownership. Located a short drive from the airport and seaports, as well as warehouse districts and industrial units, it means you are perfectly located to conduct business in the cargo and logistics sector.

    Our friendly team can support you with all aspects of setting up your cargo company at Meydan Free Zone.

  • 4. Complete your application and pay the fees
    To acquire your Dubai cargo company license, you must complete your application form and provide a range of documents and paperwork. You must also pay the associated fees as part of your business license application.

  • 5. Receive your license and open a business bank account
  • Getting your Dubai cargo loading business license rarely takes more than a few days. The process is efficient if your fees are paid and the application form is filled in correctly. Our consultants verify and validate your application at Meydan Free Zone to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Once you have your license, the final step is to open a business bank account. Meydan Pay is our simple digital banking solution perfectly suited to cargo businesses. You get an IBAN and a digital wallet with all the features you need to start making and receiving payments from customers worldwide and within the UAE.


Cost to Start a Cargo Loading and Unloading Business

The license cost for starting a Dubai cargo loading business depends on the number of visas you require. If no visas are required, starting a cargo business in a Dubai free zone can cost as little as AED 12,500. For each additional visa, you will pay AED 1,350.

For a quote tailored to your business and the number of visas, you need to apply for, contact Meydan Free Zone today.

Why Meydan Free Zone?

Meydan Free Zone, located in central Dubai, is the perfect place to start a cargo loading and unloading business. Thanks to our fantastic location close to the airport, seaports, warehouses, and industrial units, you’ll be perfectly positioned to run your business efficiently.

Cargo businesses work with international clients 24 hours per day – so it’s beneficial that Meydan Free Zone is open 24/7 and has high-quality internet connections and all the technical support and assistance you need to run a cargo business. We can help you with every step of business setup in Dubai, so you can focus on winning contracts and leave the paperwork to us.

Other valuable services we provide include:

  • Meydan Pay: A modern, efficient banking service to help international businesses
  • Meydan Plus: A complete business setup and support service
  • Easy Payment Plans: Which help start-ups spread the cost of business set up

If you are hoping to start a cargo loading and unloading service in Dubai, join the many other logistics businesses based at Meydan Free Zone, and begin trading with the world.

To find out more, visit our website, or get in touch with us via setup@meydanfz.ae or 800FZ1.

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