How to Start an Online Tutoring Business – 2023 Guide

Akshay Vinayak

Akshay Vinayak

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The widespread use of digital technology during the COVID-19 epidemic sparked an explosive development in the online education market, particularly in online tutoring. Rather than being just a transitory fad resulting from lockdowns and societal limitations, this sector is expanding significantly. Parents and students now widely accept online tutoring as a viable option for meeting the growing need for individualised education.

Online tutoring is a profitable full-time or part-time job for anybody who likes to educate and help others. Here’s all the information you need to start an online tutoring business with Meydan Free Zone.


What is online tutoring?

Similar to online education or e-learning, online tutoring is a real-time, one-on-one method of instruction that takes place via the internet. Unlike online education or e-learning, online tutoring requires a ‘real person’ to teach the student.

Online tutors will review their pupils’ homework, test prep, and class content. Some tutors focus on helping their students develop better study habits, while others train their pupils to take better notes or take more comprehensive exams. Tutors’ responsibilities might vary widely but often include organising lessons, giving feedback on student work, and keeping tabs on how well their students are doing.

Online tutoring allows students to choose their own pace and focus on the areas they need the most help, making it ideal for students with a wide range of learning styles and preferences. Online tutoring creates a system of education that is both efficient and cost-effective.

Online tutoring in the UAE – the opportunity

The online tutoring sector continues to expand worldwide, and the UAE is no exception. This expansion is due to heavy government investment and the growing adoption of online education in most educational institutions.

Parents in the UAE currently pay as much as AED 8,000 yearly for private education for their children on top of regular school fees. For many families, this cost is a considerable drain on their earnings. An economical online teaching system for children in the country has huge potential to become a success among tutors, students and parents.

Requirements to become an online tutor

There are certain prerequisites to being an online tutor. Most online tutors are trained teachers and experts in their fields. A student is more likely to trust you as a tutor if you have one of the following on your list of credentials:

  • A teaching certificate or experience in teaching
  • Master’s degree or PhD
  • Specialisation in a particular field

Although certification is not essential to work as a tutor, it might increase your chances of being hired at a high salary or charging more for your services. Several organisations provide accredited certification if you wish to get certified as a tutor.


Figuring out demand

How do you figure out what type of tutors are in demand? To get started, compile a list of the classes you are qualified to teach. For instance, if you can teach anyone English, list the courses you can teach and whom you can teach them to.

Once you have done that, you can narrow it down further based on niches, for example, by level – an English tutor for elementary, middle, high school, or college students. You can do it by subject – English literature or English creative writing tutor. You can even combine the two and be a tutor for English literature for high school students. You can also tutor based on exam or certification – English tutor for SATs, IETLS, or TOFEL.

The next step is to scour Google for more specific terms. Enter ‘English tutor for’ into the search engine to see what pops up as suggested queries. Now that you know what people are looking for, these might give you some ideas. You may try out several permutations by cycling through the letters of the alphabet. If you use Google’s alphabet search, you can find a wide variety of niches you had not thought of before.

You now have an extensive list of in-demand specialised topics and a rough understanding of the levels involved – elementary, middle, high school, and college. Next, you should start getting rid of some niches that are not as interesting as they were when you wrote them down or do not seem to be in high demand.

You can do this by using the search option on the tutor websites. The results page shows an estimate of the number of tutors available for ‘English’ overall. You can further filter the results by looking at the prices, the number of reviews, and hours taught to determine what subjects and tutors are in demand.

After reviewing the available niches, you should cross out the ones with insufficient potential students or too many competitors. Ideally, at the end of this process, you should have five to seven specialisations you can successfully pursue.

How to tutor online?

In today’s online tutoring classes, teachers and students have access to everything they need, making it possible to conduct individual or group lessons. During these sessions, you will have the opportunity to do the following:

  • Access sessions on any device.
  • Commence a real-time video conference.
  • Take the student through the lesson step by step while simultaneously seeing what you are doing.
  • An advanced digital whiteboard allows users to write, type, erase, and draw using various colored pens and editing tools. Many tutoring services provide a trial period when you may use their virtual whiteboard service.
  • Engage in conversation with each other with the highest possible quality of sound and video.
  • Communicate with one another via the use of various instant messaging apps.
  • Easily copy and distribute your data.

How to attract more students 

Once your tutor profile is verified and you have completed a few online sessions, you should consider these steps to encourage more students to schedule sessions with you:

Updating your profile

Consider the search phrases or terms your potential students use to find their ideal tutor and include them in your profile. As this is one-on-one tutoring, you must add a video message to your profile. A video adds more value than a standard content profile as it gives your students a preview of you and how well you can communicate.

Get students’ feedback and rating

The best time to ask students for feedback is immediately after the class. Your chances of making it to the front search page increase proportionally with the number and quality of reviews and ratings you have received. Also, ensure your tutoring profile prominently displays your rating and feedback.

Availability is key

For many students, tutor availability is a significant challenge. They will not schedule appointments with you if your schedule does not work for them. Always remember your potential students’ time zone and work around that.

Steps to get a business license for your online tutoring business

Getting a license in Meydan Free Zone is a simple process. To apply, you must complete the formalities on our website, which are as follows.

  • Submit your applicationStep 1: You must submit a completed Know Your Customer (KYC) form with your application.
  • security and government approvalsStep 2: Wait for the necessary government and security permissions, which typically come through in 24 to 48 hours.
  • Your license is issuedStep 3: You receive your license.

Why Meydan Free Zone?

At Meydan Free Zone, our goal is to help set up companies and turn them into successful enterprises. Our consultants will support you with all aspects of your business setup in Dubai, so you can focus on teaching online and earning money.

One of the benefits of opening your company with Meydan Free Zone is getting a premier location for a business address. Located in The Meydan Hotel, Meydan Free Zone is 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport and has quick access to Downtown Dubai, Dubai Media City, and Sheikh Zayed Road. Furthermore, a prestigious business address presents a high-end status and can help get top-of-the-line clients.

Being a member of the Meydan Free Zone family, you also got access to a fully equipped Business Centre and monthly networking events. Our Business Centre has a world-class professional environment and an ambiance that inspires performance and provides privacy. In addition, you can also take advantage of our exceptional offers for F&B and stay at The Meydan Hotel if needed.


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