How to Start Selling Online on Facebook & Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide

Anisha Sagar

Anisha Sagar

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Instagram’s shoppable posts and Facebook Shops make the two the ideal platforms for product discovery and have given brands a chance to rethink their marketing strategies and customer interactions. In the same way that their user base, business features, algorithms and technological capabilities have evolved, so has the platforms’ impact on the world of eCommerce.

90% of Instagram users follow a business account, and over 60% of Internet users worldwide are on Facebook, which means that they are quickly becoming a preferred way for consumers to discover new brands and products and purchase them.

The UAE market provides a great opportunity for digital merchants to expand their businesses and reach their target audience. According to the International Trade Administration, in 2020, the online retail sector in the UAE surpassed a record $3.9 billion in sales, making it one of the most desirable markets to establish an online store.

What Is the Difference Between Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shops?

Facebook Marketplace is ideal for those who want to sell from a personal account, have fewer products, or sell for a limited time and do not want to create a brand or store name.

Facebook Shops are a great way for any business owner or seller to build a brand and gain more customers. Shops, in particular, give customers confidence and allow businesses to track and extract data from customers in order to analyse the data and further strengthen the business.

In brief:

  • Marketplace allows you to sell products through your personal account while Shops provides you with the opportunity to sell products through your business account (page) in the name of a business or institution.
  • Submit your application Marketplaces sell only locally, and they cannot be boosted, while Shops are available worldwide and can be boosted.
  • Submit your applicationShops allow the customer to contact the page’s Admin or someone on behalf of the business owner or company, while Marketplaces let you contact the owner or seller directly.

What Is Selling Online Through Facebook & Instagram Like?

In a world where social media has taken over search engines, companies that plunged headfirst into eCommerce have seen their profit margins grow exponentially.

Finding customers is the most challenging part for any new small business; however, leveraging a network of billions of consumers classified by age, action, and interest can be extremely beneficial. And Meta’s Facebook and Instagram are more than happy to fill that void.

Setting up a Facebook or Instagram Shop helps increase sales and allows you to understand your customers’ interests and needs better, allowing you to tailor your promotional campaigns to them. Even if you’re new to eCommerce, have never advertised on social media, or are simply not tech-savvy, getting started with selling and advertising on Facebook and Instagram is simple.

For fast and seamless connection and sync with both platforms, a single product catalog is used across Facebook and Instagram. Your product catalog can then be used to reach over 2.85 billion potential customers on Facebook and another billion on Instagram.

If your product catalog is linked to a Facebook Business Page, you can also set up an Instagram Shop to:

  • Tag products in Instagram posts so that users can find them easily.
  • Sell directly in your Instagram Stories with product stickers.
  • Get your shoppable posts featured in the Explore section, where thousands of potential customers can see them.
  • Get a permanent Shop tab on your Instagram Business Profile with all of your tagged products, so shoppers can easily access your purchasable products.

What Do I Need to Start Selling Online Through Facebook & Instagram?

If you don’t already have a Facebook business Page or a catalog, you can create both when you create your shop.

If you already have a Page and a catalog that you want to use for your shop, follow these steps:

  • You must be an admin in order to manage your Page and catalog in a Meta Business Manager account. Check that you have Manage permissions for both the Page and the catalog.
  • You’ll also need an Instagram business account if you want to promote your shop on Instagram. The Instagram business account to which it is linked must be owned by your Business Manager.

Note: You do not need to create or provide a Facebook business Page when creating your shop in Commerce Manager if you only want to sell on Instagram Shops.

To open your shop, follow these steps:

  1. Select Create your Shop and click Next. If you’re already selling on a partner platform, simply import and sync your products.
  2. Select a checkout method from the three options. Click Next.
  3. Create a new Facebook page or choose your existing page if you want to sell on Facebook. Select your Instagram business account if you wish to sell on Instagram. Click Next.
  4. Select your Business Manager account or create a new one. Click Next.
  5. Select the catalog you want to use for your shop and click Next. Catalog eligibility requirements for shops must be met in order to select a catalog. Note that this catalog cannot be switched later.
  6. Once you have reviewed and agreed to the Seller Agreement, you can click Finish setup.

Now that you have created your shop, you can start selling. The next step is to:

  • Manage your catalog to add products you wish to sell. By default, your shop includes all items from your catalog, but you can select which ones to display.
  • Organise your shop by creating a collection of products you’d like to sell.
  • You can customise the look and feel of your shop.
  • Make sure your shop is published. Upon approval, your shop will be visible to the public.


10 Tips to Sell Products Through Instagram Shopping

Here are some great tips to keep in mind for when you’re selling your products through Instagram Shopping:

1. Use eye-catching visuals 

Because Instagram is a visual platform, make your images look more than just grid-oriented! Make sure your photographs and videos are as high-resolution as possible and that you are up to date on the latest image and video specifications.
Show your product photographs in use or real-world setting to give them an engaging, journalistic sense. Sharing detailed images could also be an excellent choice.

2. Include hashtags 

Including shopping-related content in your Instagram hashtag strategy is smart for all your posts. These hashtags can increase your chances of being discovered by newer consumers, opening up a whole new world of possible engagement. The Explore page, which contains a distinctive “Shop” button and is visited by more than half of Instagram users each month, can also be reached by utilising the appropriate hashtags.

3. Share discounts and coupon codes 

Running a promotional campaign is an excellent way to boost sales because everyone appreciates a good deal. Users that are interested in your offer can simply click through while you are advertising it. When you advertise a coupon directly in your shoppable Instagram photographs, more shoppers are likely to take action.

4. Showcase your products in action 

On Instagram, tutorials and how-to videos are the most popular type of video content. Furthermore, because it provides viewers with proof-of-concept and product education, this style is ideal for articles that urge viewers to become customers.

5. Authenticity is key 

One of the social media engagement principles that applies to all product posts is the golden rule of authenticity.
You don’t have to stick to product copy. Allow your originality and voice to shine through here. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to captivate your viewers with a well-written caption that offers surprising insights or an emotional connection. Mention the piece’s inspiration and why it was produced. Telling stories has always been a sales tool.

6. Get creative with colours 

Don’t be afraid to use a vibrant colour as the background for your product shot. You want to be able to attract and keep your customers’ attention. Avoid popular colour schemes to halt scrollers in their tracks.

7. Select a signature look 

Maintaining a consistent style on Instagram will help your brand recognition and identification. Furthermore, it allows people to immediately identify your posts while scrolling through their feeds or viewing the Explore tab. Businesses that incorporate product tags in their feed postings often generate 37% more sales.

8. Practise inclusivity 

If you want a large audience to view your brand, ensure your images are realistic representations. Given that Instagram has over a billion users, it’s safe to say that its users are a diverse group. Keep this diversity in mind when you create marketing campaigns for your products.

9. Share and engage with user-generated content 

User-generated content refers to Instagram posts or Stories from users that feature your products. These posts not only provide new, consumer-perspective images of your products in use, but they also boost your credibility. This is due to the fact that comments made by actual users are considered more authentic, and authenticity boosts trust. They act as visual testimonies.

10. Create interesting CTAs 

A strong call to action is the best way to match a beautiful image. Instructions such as “Buy now!” that encourages the reader to take action, or “Share it with a friend!” are good examples.

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