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Start an Education Consultancy Business in Dubai, UAE

Julian DRozario

Education has been a big business for decades. The vast global market was estimated to be worth around USD 90bn in 2020, with compound annual growth of 19.9% predicted between now and 2028.

Traditionally, there were only a few ways into the education sector. For example, you would have previously needed to have been qualified as a teacher or lecturer and get a job at a school, college, or university. Today, there are many other options available.

Online learning has been growing in popularity for many years. However, it has seen a considerable spike due to the pandemic – with many learners moving online. This change has also significantly increased the demand for educational consultants who can advise on how best to navigate this new normal.

This presents an opportunity for those looking to offer educational services outside the more traditional settings.

If this sounds appealing, Meydan Free Zone can help you start a UAE education business in weeks. Our team is experts in business setup in Dubai and can help you with licensing visas and much more.


In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to start a business in the UAE, including:

The benefits of starting educational consultancy business in Dubai, UAE

Business setup in Dubai is trendy, and with good reason. The emirate is home to one of the world’s most open and supportive corporate environments and regularly ranks highly for ease of doing business.

With the right support, the company formation process is also incredibly straightforward. You can often be up and running within a week or two.

Then there are the UAE’s free zones. Free zones are often the most cost-effective way to incorporate a business in the UAE, and they bring a host of other incredible benefits.

Start an Education Consultancy Business in Dubai

When you set up at Meydan Free Zone, for example, you can benefit from:

  • Premier LocationPremier location
    Being at one of Dubai’s most sought-after centrally located commercial addresses, Meydan Free Zone puts you minutes away from the major pulse points and the city’s vital commercial and financial hubs.
  • Easy Start-UpEasy start up
    Your license application is just minutes away, log onto our digital portal and apply for your license, additional services, amendments or even your bank account from anywhere. Benefit from a smooth registration process with access to priority government relations assistance, broad support services, and tailored packages that best address individual business needs.
  • Artboard A great place to live and work
    Take advantage of the unique opportunity to live and work in Meydan’s premium mixed-use developments offering innovative office spaces that encourage business growth. Live in spacious villas with elegant lifestyle communities or find adventure with our community benefits of dining, spas, hotel amenities, park, beach, tennis or simply horse riding.


Steps to start an educational consultancy business in Dubai, UAE

The first step is to familiarise yourself with the UAE’s business landscape, processes, and policies. While the Emirates is famed for its welcoming approach and low barriers to entry, the company formation process does differ somewhat from other countries. 

Whatever type of business you wish to set up, it is best to do so with the help of an expert such as Meydan Free Zone. 

One of the first things we’ll help you do is choose your company name. The UAE has a set of naming parameters you’ll need to stick to. But don’t worry; all are straightforward and largely common sense. Essentially, you should avoid blasphemous and offensive language and names of well-known organisations. We will also cover a few more rules in your initial consultation. 

You’ll also need to align your business practices with the  list of permitted activities. There are thousands to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that matches up. These activities will need to be listed on your license application. And most importantly, you are not permitted to carry out any operations outside these. However, you are permitted to add several activities to your license. 

When making your application, you must submit an application form containing details about your business and its shareholders, proof of address and identification, and your KYC and UBO declaration via an online portal.  

There are no official qualifications required to become a consultant in the UAE. However, if you intend to offer other educational services, such as tutoring, you will need to prove that you have relevant experience and qualifications. 

You’ll also need to apply for your visa. As part of this process, you’ll undergo a fitness test, blood test, and chest x-ray. You can also sponsor the visas of others, such as dependent children and parents, your spouse, and any domestic staff. 

Finally, if you’re getting paid in the UAE, you’ll need a UAE bank account. Meydan Free Zone can help with this step, too, advising on the right bank for your circumstances. 


How Meydan Free Zone can help

With education being a fundamental priority to UAE’s goals, starting a business in the education sector has never been more promising. Whether starting a business in Meydan Free Zone or an online educational consultancy, our team of specialists can help you get your business up and running in no time!

Meydan Free Zone offers our businesses a host of innovative investment and lifestyle benefits in a secure, regulated environment that empowers productivity. Our expert team can assist through every stage of your business setup in Dubai, from registering your company name to managing your license and visa applications.

Call us at to  800FZ1.  discover what Meydan Free Zone can do to get you back to handling your business!

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