How to Sell on Amazon UAE & Expert Advice from Grow with Amazon

Akshay Vinayak

Akshay Vinayak

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Amazon is by far and away the most popular e-commerce platform in the United Arab Emirates. According to research from the marketing consultancy Podean, 44% of UAE residents buy products from this global e-commerce website. This is a huge market, giving you direct access to millions of consumers.

If you are considering selling products on Amazon in the United Arab Emirates, there are a number of requirements you need to be aware of.

Advantages of Selling on Amazon UAE

Selling on Amazon in the UAE can be a very profitable and exciting business opportunity for entrepreneurs. Some of the key benefits of selling on Amazon in the UAE include:


  • Huge (and profitable!) market: According to the research mentioned above, 69% of UAE residents have shopped online recently, and Amazon is the preferred site for most. Indeed, the study also found that 40% of shoppers said they spend at least 25% more on this website compared to its competitors.
  • Flexibility: Amazon in the UAE is a great platform to sell through because the company offers different ways of working with them depending on your requirements. For example, you could choose to have orders fulfilled by Amazon, or you can fulfill them yourself if you have access to your warehouse and delivery methods.
  • Powerful tools: Amazon provides a fantastic suite of tools to help you sell more products, market them, and build out your seller pages, so they are more attractive to potential customers.
  • No income tax: Amazon sellers in the United Arab Emirates pay 0% income tax on their profits. And, if you base yourself in a free zone like Meydan free Zone, you also avoid VAT and can have 100% foreign ownership.
  • Anyone can sell on Amazon: Amazon provides an easy method for anyone to sell through the platform. Whether you are a major global corporation looking to sell your goods online in the UAE, a local manufacturer, or a solopreneur who’s spotted a gap in the market, all kinds of companies can sell their products easily through the Amazon website.

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  • Consumer Trust: Amazon is a well-trusted brand, so your customers will feel confident buying through the website.
  • No infrastructure required: If you set up a store on Amazon, you don’t need to build your e-commerce website from scratch or deal with setting up a payment system. Amazon does this all for you.

Benefits of Meydan Commerce

Meydan Commerce is a unique solution that e-commerce businesses based at the Meydan Free Zone can use to give their e-commerce business the best start. Meydan Commerce provides you with several key benefits:

  • Our experts can set up your Amazon store for you, making the launch process easier and allowing you to focus on managing inventory and selling products.
  • We support you with product onboarding and listing optimization – which helps you familiarise yourself with how to use the tools.
  • We also support you with product marketing and order fulfillment, which makes running your e-commerce business on Amazon UAE easier.
  • Our experts can support you with Amazon Prime listing and delivery, so you can further improve sales.
  • We can also help you with Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) approvals and shipping.
  • Meydan Commerce’s experts can also help you with Amazon feedback and review management to ensure you get the best reviews and win more customers.


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If you would like to sell on Amazon UAE, you must conform to several legal requirements and apply for an e-commerce license. You must also comply with various terms and conditions of sale set out by the UAE government and Amazon, follow Amazon’s privacy policy, and conform to copyright and marketing rules. Our business setup experts at Meydan Commerce can help you understand all legal issues of selling on Amazon in Dubai, UAE.

You also need to ensure that your products can actually be sold in the United Arab Emirates. Most products sold on Amazon UAE need product conformity certificates – especially for goods such as electronics, cosmetics, food and beverage, and jewelry. Be aware that certain products may be deemed obscene or blasphemous and cannot be sold online in the United Arab Emirates.

Steps to Get an E-Commerce License in Dubai

Getting an e-commerce license in Dubai is very straightforward with Meydan Commerce. Our simple three-step license application process is as follows:

  1. Start your e-commerce business at Meydan Free Zone
  2. Complete the application process through our online customer portal
  3. Receive your license and apply for Meydan Commerce

Costs of an E-Commerce License to Sell on Amazon UAE

The cost of an e-commerce license to sell on Amazon UAE starts from AED 12,500. Depending on your company’s visa requirements, there may be additional costs. Contact Meydan Free Zone for a fee quote to find out how much starting your Amazon UAE store will cost.

How to Open an Amazon UAE Seller Account

At Meydan Free Zone, our e-commerce experts can walk you through the process of opening your Amazon UAE seller account. The process is straightforward Getting started is easy and can be completed in a matter of hours by visiting

  1. Visit
  2. Select the ‘Sign Up’ button
  3. Fill In Your Details, Including Your Name, Email Address, And Password
  4. Provide The Business Information That Amazon Requests
  5. You Will Also Need To Upload Documents For Identity Verification

Yes, selling on Amazon in the UAE is legal, but you will need a license to sell products through this website. You need to apply for a UAE e-commerce license, which we can provide you with at Meydan Commerce.

Can you Sell on Amazon Without a License?

No, selling products on Amazon UAE without an e-commerce license is not permitted. You must apply for an e-commerce license, which we can provide you with at Meydan Free Zone.

Expert Advice from Grow with Amazon

Grow With Amazon is a leading Dubai-based business that provides multidisciplinary e-commerce services for companies looking to sell online across the Middle East. We spoke to Hitesh (General Manager) about their expert insights for selling on Amazon.

What are the Future E-Commerce Trends for 2023 and Beyond?

Hitesh points out several important trends shaping e-commerce today. Most significant is that e-commerce sales are expected to continue rising in the UAE, so it will be vital for any retail business to have a presence online.

Consumer behaviour is also changing; the Grow With Amazon pair note explains that people now expect fast, convenient delivery. Indeed, same-day delivery could soon become the norm. Hitesh also adds that the costs of winning and retaining customers will continue to rise, so a smart marketing strategy is vital.

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How to Pick the Right Product to Sell on Amazon?

Hitesh describes their strategy for selecting products to sell on Amazon


  1. Choose a feasible product type that has demand but where you can still differentiate yourself
  2. Choose product niches with healthy competition
  3. Figure out if you’re competing with Amazon – since they will always have the advantage
  4. Avoid selling big and heavy products

Amazon Vendor Central Vs. Seller Central – What’s the Difference?

When you sell on Amazon, you can sell to Amazon (‘vendor central’) or sell directly to consumers (‘seller central’). Seller central tends to give you more control of your online store. On the other hand, vendor central allows you to sell directly to Amazon, which takes responsibility for all the marketing and product management, making it easier for you.

How to be a Successful Seller on Amazon UAE?

You can use many tactics and strategies to sell successfully on Amazon UAE. Hitesh points out some helpful tips:

  • Improve the number of customer reviews on your products
  • Strengthen your Amazon SEO (brand name, product title, keywords, product listing description)
  • Advertise on platforms other than Amazon to generate traffic to your product pages
  • Run sponsored product ads on Amazon to increase conversion rates and organic search results


Should I Hire an Outsourcing Company for My E-Commerce Business?

Hitesh says outsourcing companies can provide several benefits when running an e-commerce business. They can support you in several ways, including product listing and optimization, social media and marketing, order fulfillment, customer service, and more. It’s also helpful if you’re new to selling online and don’t have the time to learn all the methods and practices for making a success of e-commerce.


Why Choose Meydan Free Zone?

Meydan Free Zone is the ideal place to start your Amazon business in Dubai. Our technologically advanced office space provides a comfortable and productive workplace where like-minded businesses will surround you – many of whom are already selling through e-commerce sites like and

We are geared to support all aspects of e-commerce business set up in Dubai. This is why we launched Meydan Commerce, our unique one-stop solution for starting your Amazon store in the UAE. You can set up with Meydan Commerce for just AED 6,000, and our highly experienced e-commerce support teams can provide help with everything you need to succeed – from guaranteed listings to setting up your storefront and applying for licenses.

To learn more about Meydan Commerce and how it can help you sell on, contact us today.

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