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How To Setup A Personal Training Business

Assia Rahhaoui

If you have a knack for exercising and helping people learn to take care of their physical and mental health —personal fitness training may be the business venture for you to pursue in Dubai. With the addition of post-pandemic results, health and fitness in Dubai is given major importance. Consumer markets become more accustomed to working out with the guidance of online resources in the comfort of their home because of the time we spent on ourselves during the pandemic. This opens up staggering potential for setting up personal training businesses in the UAE.

According to a recent study by Ken Research, the UAE fitness industry is projected to grasp a value over US $600 mn by the year of 2025, indicating that the population of Dubai is increasingly more enthusiastic about physical activity and wellness. Recent changes in Dubai’s business environment which consists of the 0% tax policy and advanced infrastructure can accommodate a determined entrepreneur to become a personal trainer.

Dubai is a powerhouse in boosting business activity with benefits offered by free zones like Meydan that’s home to a range of industries and customer segments. If you are thinking of being a personal trainer in Dubai, this is the right time to pursue it.


Qualifications You Need To Become A Personal Trainer In Dubai

Being a personal trainer involves technical expertise as well as precise knowledge on fitness and exercise. This requires a Level 3 Certificate or Diploma in personal fitness training—one that would guarantee a trainer’s credibility enough to launch their business. After obtaining a qualification as such, you can be a self-employed personal trainer or work at a gym which allows you to train clients one-on-one. An educational qualification is not limited to a diploma, degree or professional certificate; and you can make use of a combination of these qualifications and soft skills to prove eligible for a work visa in the UAE.

To be qualified as a professional trainer, your hard work and dedication as an individual is needed. In order to be exceptional at what you do, it’s important to take care of yourself and be up to date with your exercise and fitness levels to please your customers.

Further, to continue your personal training, registering yourself at the UAE Register of Fitness Practitioners (REPs) as a certified trainer is key. This is a requirement to continue to start your business, whilst helping you receive good recognition in the industry.

Setting Up A Personal Training Business In Dubai

Fitness is a diverse industry where anyone passionate about exercise can thrive. Personal training with individual attention and feedback positively shapes a client’s experience due to the rewarding experience for both the client and trainer. According to an article published in Entrepreneur, it states that in an economically-driven country like Dubai, only 7% of the population have gym memberships, indicating that the market is underdeveloped, with potential for start-ups to thrive in. If you are interested in conducting personal fitness classes online, or want to open up a studio to attract customers, here’s how you can get started.

  • Decide business activity

It’s important to make sure that your line of activity fits within the plethora of activities allowed within the UAE. Whether it be online personal training, conducting business through a business license or opening up a studio to cater to different individuals, your business activity needs to be in alignment with the type of business license you require.

  • Select business name

Dubai emphasises on strict regulation when it comes to company names, so avoid anything that’s offensive to culture. Pick a name that is easy to remember and avoid names of well-established companies. This is vital to have your personal training license approved by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in the first place.

  • Decide your jurisdiction

Primarily, Dubai consists of mainland and free zone areas to complete your business setup in, and both offer certain perks. 

Meydan Free Zone does not offer freelance visa options. Nevertheless, the right jurisdiction will allow you to obtain a personal trainer license in the most effective manner. Meydan Free Zone can help you get started on the application process and documentation with no hassle or worry.

Benefits of Obtaining A Personal Training License in Dubai

Dubai takes a proactive approach when it comes to the fitness industry, and utilises its infrastructure, economic benefits, and digitised environment to make your personal training business launch successful. There are numerous benefits when it comes to obtaining your personal training license in Dubai.

  1. Potential for growth
    As mentioned earlier, Dubai’s fitness industry is underdeveloped with many potential customers being created due to the effects of the pandemic and online fitness trends. The population of UAE highly consists of obese individuals with considerably alarming health statistics, so establishing fitness programs would be a profitable start-up idea.With its world-class facilities, The Emirate of Dubai is a humble abode to many athletes and professional trainers. Setting up a personal fitness training business in Dubai would undoubtedly attract a large client base.
  2. Flexibility
    As a personal trainer in Dubai, flexibility in your work hours would be ensured. The amount of time you allocate to each client, which clients you decide to train, and how you conduct your classes, can be done at your own discretion and based on your schedule and comfort.Meydan Free Zone offers a range of licenses, including investor licenses that allow you to choose and rent a space to do your training sessions. Sponsoring your family members and incurring minimal costs are only some of the benefits you would come across.
  3. No complex legalities
    In the UAE, it’s quite a simple procedure to apply for your work permit and receive it with speed and convenience. There is also no requirement for annual audits and No Objection Certificates (NOCs), so the process for growing your personal training business can be uncomplicated.

How To Apply For A Personal Training License In Dubai

As discussed earlier, you would need to be thorough with what business activity you want to go ahead with, and what training you want to offer as a personal trainer, whether it be online coaching, physical therapy or corporate wellness. Your business name, and setting up in either a free zone, or mainland, would be core elements that decide and improve the benefits that come with receiving your personal training license in Dubai.

If you want to apply for a personal training license in Dubai, it’s important to first cautiously apply for a business license and receive your work permit in order to launch your business. When applying for a business license, you could resort to operating in a free zone like Meydan which would be ideal for a personal training business, where business tax exclusion and easy bank account setups would help your business run smoothly. For instance, fast processing transactions for online/physical training sessions will require a bank account setup that easily handles international and local transactions along with the support for a plethora of currencies.

At Meydan Free Zone, your licensing procedures, documentation and application process will be seamlessly handled to make sure there aren’t any errors involved. 

Applying for a Personal Trainer Visa: Documents Required

On your end of the application process, a few basic documents need to be submitted to obtain your personal trainer visa in Dubai. After you have your personal trainer business name and activity approved, it’s important to obtain notarization with the DED. Here’s a list of the documents you need:

  • Proof of ID and address for any directors/shareholders/owners
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Trade name confirmation copy
  • Two colour passport size photographs
  • Completed application form
  • Passport copies of owner

With a panel of talented consultants, obtaining your license would be easy due to following efficient documentation processes.

Why Meydan Free Zone?

Meydan Free Zone is located in the heart of Dubai, with access to an international airport and unmatched access to some of the most progressive regional markets. With surrounding infrastructure facilities and recreational amenities, setting up a personal trainer business would be attractive to an already-established customer base. Even if you want to carry out personal training online, Meydan accommodates all your needs and wants ranging from speedy internet connectivity to digital platforms that process payments in a convenient and uncomplicated manner.

It’s very easy to begin your journey with Meydan. To obtain your personal training license, we offer a smooth registration process, services like Meydan Pay and Meydan Plus that make your overall experience of launching your startup, a successful one. Our talented team of consultants are readily available to assist you with every step of the license registration process and setup.

Call 800 FZ1 or email us at setup@meydanfz.ae for further queries.

*Meydan Free Zone does not offer freelance license or freelance visa options.

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